Wholesale Cars Direct is now closed until the Government lets us reopen.

There is no one at Wholesale Cars Direct and no one working from home.
We will reply to any and all sales and after sales enquiries upon our return.

For after sales there are no workshops open and many are not taking bookings for up to two weeks when they reopen to get through their back log.
We will be in touch when we can facilitate any after sales issues as soon as workshops are open.
Until then due to the restrictions we are unable to facilitate anything.
For any after sales issues or sales inquiries please email sales@wcd.co.nz
Your email is our log, as soon as we can get back into our doors, these jobs and sales inquiries will be our priority.

Keep safe
Team WCD
Updated 01/04/2020

Established as New Zealand’s premier independent dealer.

Wholesale Cars Direct is the leading destination in New Zealand for discerning car shoppers.

We are the only dealership in New Zealand that fully AA inspects every car.

This is covered off with an independent $190 in depth mechanical, electrical and structural vehicle inspection.

We provide auction sheets with every freshly imported vehicle from Japan. Wholesale Cars Direct is a 99% grade 4.5 dealership.

We have won awards from the Chamber of commerce, Motor Trade Association and the Imported Motor Vehicle Industry Association.

We were the only car yard to get a 100% audit pass for best business practice from the Motor Trade Association.

Our history is also impeccable. Wholesale Cars Direct has been open for 15 years, sold over 20,000 cars.

Wholesale Cars Direct is also one of New Zealand’s most awarded dealerships and has never been in the Motor Vehicle Disputes Tribunal.

Our value proposition is very, very real. Nothing in Wholesale Cars Direct happens by chance, being the best in what we do is a daily contagious habit.

We simply set and live by our goal of being the most professional dealership in NZ.

We live up to this expectation with every vehicle we offer, everyone we deal with from suppliers to the consumer to our own team.

This comes at a very real cost as we generally do not discount our cars and if so it will be in the hundreds.

We simply pay up for better cars at the start which is very clear to see when you walk around our dealership or search through our website.

We put service before sales, we will never let a single sale be more important than your experience, your trust in what we offer and the reputation of our company.

‘Quality’ is not a marketing word or an act at Wholesale Cars Direct. Quality is a very simple engrained habit that all of our team have bought into in abundance.

Our value propositions are the highest in the industry, through our team, stock choices, preparation methods and presentation standards.

We are market leaders for a reason.

Make WCD a must visit destination for your next enquiry – you won’t be disappointed, we don’t have disappointed customers.

Let your Journey begin...................................................