• WCD Difference


This story starts with our philosophies and drive to be better within ourselves, always learning and never being complacent. Growth is moving forward professionally, emotionally and personally therefore growing and improving the company, team and ourselves daily. This is the essence of what separates Wholesale Cars Direct from the rest.

For the team at Wholesale Cars Direct, coming together was the beginning, staying together has been our progress and working together is our success.

In one of the most fickle industries in New Zealand, this business has been built upon people, ethics, systems, processes, real quality and real service.

Our aim is always simply to be the best, striving for perfection in every way, every day. We have a very simple mission statement-"Wellbeing" by which is meant, wellbeing of the team, customers and WCD.

To be the best is an extremely bold, broad and in depth goal, that has created the most progressive team that has created the most progressive business that has created the one true Multi Award Winning Dealership - Wholesale Cars Direct.

Welcome to Wholesale Cars Direct, we invite you and your family to come and experience the WCD difference

The People..

Behind the scenes what really makes Wholesale Cars Direct is everyone that works here.

We are all totally aware of the necessity to strive for perfection to be the best dealership in New Zealand, so we all stay energised and focused towards our goal every day.
We don't see other yards as competition, we are the Pied Piper of the New Zealand import car industry, as we are forever leading the way.
We don't operate in desperation mode at any time, therefore we are able to sustain the higher level of product and service that we do.

We don't have staff, we have a team. You will see this when you come into the dealership. Everyone will point you in the right direction; everyone will be upbeat and just like you they are people.
People buy from people first, this you will see by coming to the dealership or reading our testimonials.

The WCD team has become such a formidable team simply though respect, working together, communicating and helping one another personally and professionally daily.
Our true success has come about from common sense, and hard work to produce the standards Wholesale Cars Direct has in place.

We also have a family first style philosophy. Which is simply bought about by "Wellbeing" which means that everything we put in at work personally, professionally and receive through our benefits, is of direct benefit to our families, friends and customers

With happy fulfilled families, customers and team environment, our team operate with dedication and commitment to growth and overall wellbeing of Wholesale Cars Direct.

Support and Growth

The WCD team has always had the benefits of extra mural studies being paid for, personal financial advisors also paid for, also life coaches which are purely confidential with the member of the team to overcome individual challenges in life.

Access to a private Gym with the latest equipment. WCD team members simply have the options and resources to better themselves and grow, growth is learning and moving forward, therefore creating a balanced work environment designed for progression for all.

There are many success stories that these benefits have created. One member in particular started nine years ago, unbeknown to the Director, this young guy couldn't read or write and had $30,000 worth of unpaid court fines. Nine years later, not only can he read and write, he has become one of the top managers in the grooming shop area of the business, an area which he created. He is now saving for a house and recently became engaged. That to us defines success, and inspires and drives us all, striving to be the best and to create the WCD difference.

Wholesale Cars Direct provides on-going training in all aspects of each individual's role. Stringent processes are also applied to the vehicle purchase and preparation cycle. No vehicle is ever placed in our show rooms without close inspection from a network of independent specialists, whose collective responsibility it is to make certain any vehicle offered for sale is in A1 condition.

At Wholesale Cars Direct there is a preparedness and expectation to innovate. To think creatively, to take new initiatives while demonstrating respect for our team and customers.


A preparedness to go the extra mile (and invest the extra dollar) is what sets Wholesale Cars Direct apart. In a nut shell, Wholesale Cars Direct has hard wired quality into every facet of our operation. Nothing has been left to chance.

The Wholesale Cars Direct business model more reflects that of a franchise operation, only better. Each step of the process from vehicle sourcing, vehicle checks and customer support is clearly defined and consistent. Training and personal development support ensures the consistent application of all of our business systems and processes. As we have said, NOTHING is left to chance.

If a car is too cheap, it's too cheap for a reason. We will not at Wholesale Cars Direct ever sacrifice quality for our brand. We will also not go for the easy quick buck and disrespect our customers by selling accident grade cars like so many dealers do.

Currently from japan, coming into the New Zealand car industry, the largest risks to a consumer are rust and accident grade cars. We pay more for vehicles from the start, buying higher grade cars to eliminate as much risk as we possibly can.

So if you are looking for a vehicle and based anywhere in New Zealand, you can be assured it will be of the highest quality available on the market.


The selection of our superior vehicles, in depth product knowledge of our motivated sales team, and innovative presentation, all culminate to position Wholesale Cars Direct as the clear market leader.

At the dealership we have a children's play area, café style barista quality espresso coffee/tea area and wheel chair access toilets.

Being an independent dealer we can offer every model in every class; we specialise in late model/low mileage vehicles.

We have seven specialised showrooms, there is never a rainy day at Wholesale Cars Direct!

Our showrooms along with four outside yards, combine to equal a mammoth 7000 square meters of eye opening quality, specialising in vehicle areas such as;

4WD/SUV/Recreational vehicles showroom.
European vehicles over $25,000 showroom.
European vehicles under $25,000 showroom.
Station wagon showroom.
6,7 and 8+ Multi seat vehicles showroom.
Our outside yards consist of every make and model, wagons, sedans and hatches


Wholesale Cars Direct is forever setting new standards in the dealership and the used car sale industry.

Over the past ten years Wholesales Cars Direct has been growing and perfecting the car buying experience, we have been acknowledged multiple times with awards from the Motor trade association/MTA, Imported Motor Vehicle Industry Association and The Chamber of Commerce.

Our recent Audit from the Motor Trade Association based on industry standards, scored Wholesale Cars Direct a perfect 100 out of 100.

Awards that Wholesale Cars Direct have been awarded include:

Chamber Of Commerce Best Business For Retail & Hospitality

Chamber of Commerce Overall Supreme Business Of The Year

Chamber of Commerce Best Emerging Business

Chamber of Commerce Best New Business

MTA Wellington Regional Used Dealer Of The Year

MTA Supreme Regional Used Dealer Of The Year

IMVIA Large North Island Dealership Of The Year